About Gomito



Gomito is a collaboration of artists making new visual theatre. The company is an ever-changing family of performers, designers, directors, musicians and writers who want to share stories in a certain way; with creativity, entertainment, humour, emotion, liveness and homespun roughness; with theatricality at its simplest.

Gomito makes theatre for everyone who enjoys a good story told with all of the above. Sometimes we investigate a subject which might be best suited to adults, sometimes we try to make things with children at the front of our minds, but often we combine both. Our dream is to make theatre which is understood on the same level by young and old, which doesn’t appeal to exclusively to intellect or a certain aged brain, but which binds an audience together and reminds us of what we share as humans.

Gomito was formed in 2001 in Cambridge which we will always think of as our home. Since then Gomito shows have toured across the UK earning the company an excellent reputation as makers of creative, surprising, universal theatre. From 2009 to 2011 Gomito were Associate Artists of The Junction in Cambridge and in 2011 the company became the first ever Associate Artists of Greenwich Theatre. When we’re not on tour or collaborating, we’re based in Cambridgeshire.


Sam Worboys
Sam was a founding member of Gomito in 2001. As well as being a producer, Sam is a deviser and performer. He likes physical comedy, super-slick sequences, hopeful stories and a good hat.

Associate Directors
Matt Addicott
Lizzie Franks
Javan Hughes

Associate Venue
Greenwich Theatre

Board of Advisors
Kerry Andrews
Chris Challis
Chris Ellis
Lina Orsino-Allen


Gomito is the product of the work of many brilliant people and as 2016 celebrates Gomito’s 15th year, here are some links with thanks to our many collaborators.


Matt Addicott
(Director, Dramaturg)
Alexandra Bradford
(Stage Manager)
Clare Fraenkel
(Deviser, Performer)
Lizzie Franks

(Director, Deviser, Performer)
Paul Golynia
(Technical Designer, Stage Manager)
Eden Harbud

(Deviser, Performer)
Philippa Herrick

(Composer, Deviser)
Javan Hughes

(Deviser, Performer)
Rosanna Lowe

(Writer, Dramaturg)
Robyn Owen Wilson
(Designer, Illustrator)
Chris Randall
(Lighting Designer)
Alex Reg Scott

(Technical Designer, Stage Manager)
Sanjay Shelat
(Deviser, Performer)
Roman Stefanski

(Puppetry Direction)
Amy Tweed
(Deviser, Performer)
Zoe Villiers
(Deviser, Performer)
Jon Whitten
Eliza Wilson
(Education Adviser)
Bryan Woltjen
(Puppet Designer)
Sam Worboys

(Producer, Deviser, Performer)


Gayle Baird, Victoria Bays, Sian Bennett, Clare Beresford, Alexandra Bigg, Alex Bird, Amelia Bird, Jack Brear, Andy Brock, Annie Brooks, Amie Burns Walker, Aaron Carrington, Alice Carter, Dillan Cintract, Dominic Conway, Katie Cooper, Ian Cutting, John Dumont, Lisa Edwards, Rebecca Frecknall, Helen Goalen, Laura Hammond, Emily Hargreaves, Lucy Hansom, Oliver Harrison, Claire Harvey, Florence Hall, Jo Herbert, Nick Herrick, Philippa Hogg, Lee Hunter, Rhys Jarman, Alex Jenyon, Simona Karabyn, Michael Kowalczyk, Peta Lily, Catriona Mackenzie, Kate Malyon, Isabella Marshall, George Mclean, Katherine Moraz, Rosie Parker, Tom Penn, Rosie Pettit, Simon Pettitt, Sam Plum, Ben Porter, Sarah Ovens, Jason Ryall, Rich Rusk, Alexander Scott, Sophia Sibthorpe, Richard Smith, Jo Somner, Matthew Springett, Zoe Squire, Dominic Thorburn, Celia Thurman, Chester Tuffnut, Shamira Turner, Simon Wilkinson, Stuart Wilde, Max Wingate, Joe Woolmer, Miranda Wyre, Hannah Yadi, Marc Zabroski.