A Merry Little Christmas


One Christmas Eve a shooting star lands at the end of a young girl’s garden. Little does she know as she picks it up that this is the Christmas Star, the source of all Christmas magic. The same magic that allows reindeers to fly, causes people to burst into spontaneous song and lets Father Christmas eat as many mince pies as he wants without feeling ill.

As any adventurous young girl would, our heroine sets out on an epic journey to put the star back into the sky, but the snowy night and some strange creatures stand in her way. She encounters a band of yuletide trolls, a yeti, a dangerous ice witch and a flightless reindeer on her quest to save Christmas. Who will help and who will hinder?

A Merry Little Christmas was created especially for The Junction using Gomito’s magical style of visual storytelling. Original live music, classic carols and puppetry creating a fun, festive adventure for all the family.


The Junction, Cambridge


“the most common word I heard in the auditorium after the show was – ‘amazing’” Local Secrets


 Deviser/Performer: Lizzie Franks
Deviser/Performer: Javan Hughes
Composer/Musical Director: Philippa Herrick
Deviser/Performer: Philippa Hogg
Designer: Rhys Jarman
Deviser/Performer: Isabella Marshall
Deviser/Performer: Tom Penn
Assistant Director: Sam Plumb
Writers: Rich Rusk and Richard Smith
Director: Rich Rusk
Technician: Alex ‘Reg’ Scott
Producer: Sam Worboys

Production Photography: Liquid Photo