You probably don’t remember the year of the great flood, when fish ruled the world and humans slept with the seaweed. No? Well one man does and he likes to reminisce.

With the help of visual theatre company Gomito Productions, a boating pool and some water puppets, he’ll tell you an apocalypse story you will never forget. It looks pretty, sounds like a fairytale and is so unbelievable that it must be true. So roll up, bring a cushion and a coat for the story of Fish.


Eaton Park, Norwich as part of The Norfolk and Norwich Festival

Lammas Land Pools, Cambridge as part of Cambridge City Council’s Environment Festival



‘Thanks for entertaining us!’

‘I loved the concept and thought the puppets looked fantastic’


Writer/Designer/Puppet Maker/Director: Amelia Bird
Deviser/Performer: John Dumont
Deviser/Performer: Lizzie Franks
Stage Manager: Laura Hammond
Puppet Maker: Javan Hughes
Deviser/Performer: Lee Hunter
Assistant Director/Puppet Maker: Simona Karabyn
Composer/Musician:Rosie Parker
Technician/Puppet Maker: Alex ‘Reg’ Scott
Deviser/Performer: Jo Somner
Producer: Sam Worboys

Production Photography: Liquid Photo