Not a Word


No monologues, no duologues, no dramatic speeches, no words. Set in the silent world of a library, Not a Word tells the story of a lonely woman’s inability to speak. This touching, funny and subtle play uncovers her painful past, chaotic present and the strange companions who share her life.

Using object manipulation and physical storytelling, a stale and musty environment is injected with life. A highly visual style incorporates choreographed sequences, physical comedy and striking images, to give a magical feel to an ordinary world.


 Bedlam Theatre, Edinburgh

The Robinson Theatre, Cambridge

Bedford Theatre, Bedford


 ’an original and inspiring piece of theatre’ Edinburgh Guide

‘visually captivating and beautiful…with moments of inventive mime, and a thought-provoking plot’ Three Weeks


Deviser/Performer: Jack Brear
Deviser/Performer/Story by: Alex Bird
Director: Lizzie Franks
Deviser/Performer: Helen Goalen
Deviser/Performer: Jo Herbert
Deviser/Performer: Isabella Marshall
Deviser/Performer: Sarah Ovens
Producer: Sam Worboys

2nd Version Team Members: Amelia Bird, John Dumont, Florence Hall, Emily Hargreaves, Rich Rusk